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As inventors, we believe that wood is the most beautiful material in the world. It’s a raw material that our keen eye will never get enough: all we can see is infinite possibilities. The functionalities of wood are endless. It is re-usable and meets the need for sustainable construction materials. What’s more: it just feels good. People have been designing, engineering and building with wood for ages.

Wood boasts several key benefits, including:

Wood insulates

Compared to other materials, wood has very good insulating properties. The insulation properties of wood are 15 times higher than concrete, 400 times higher than steel and 1770 times higher than aluminium. That’s but one of the many good reasons to choose wood. In addition, wooden frames connect closely to the wall, so preventing unnecessary heat loss. By using wooden frames, you’ll save a lot of energy in the course of your building’s lifespan.


Wood can be used as raw material for different parts and can be processed into other products at the end of its lifespan. It can even be returned to the biological cycle in what’s called circular construction, a very interesting topic.


Compared to other construction materials, wood has positive carbon emissions. Very little energy is needed to harvest wood, so the carbon emission of the raw material wood is minimal. When it’s still a tree, it’s even carbon positive, which makes it a very environmentally-friendly raw material.

Wooden frames are burglar-resistant

Wooden frames are relatively light and relatively strong. As a result, wooden frames are highly burglar-resistant. If an unwanted guest still manages to gain entry, any damage to the wooden frame can be easily repaired without having to replace the entire frame.


Wooden frames are fire-resistant

Wooden frames are proven to be highly fire-resistant. It is often assumed that wooden frames are very flammable, but this is not true. Science has shown that wood has a retardant effect because it has low thermal conductivity.

Wood is beautiful and feels familiar

Noting feels more familiar than coming home from a long holiday and opening your own wooden front door. Wood immediately gives you the familiar, homely feeling that you have been missing. In winter time, wooden frames protect against nature, while in summer they provide access to the outside world. Wood symbolises stability, warmth and familiarity.

Wood keeps up with the trends

Wood has a natural appearance and can be restored and repaired if necessary. You can give it any colour that suits your own taste. This means you’ll be able to keep up with the trends in the long term, simply by changing the colours, so they’ll never be boring. Similar materials generally don’t share this property.

Wood is multifunctional

Wood has endless possibilities and can therefore be used in many ways and in many different fields. Wood can even serve as the base component of major construction projects and has a wide range of potential uses in shipbuilding, toys and various every-day objects.

This text was inspired by an NBvT article.

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