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Wood Aluminium Frame

High-quality appearance, no maintenance

Anyone who likes to go a step further than the standard chooses WEBO's Wood Aluminium Frame. In one window frame you get the best of both worlds. Ideal for high-rise buildings and a TCO that remains very low. We go for a high-quality appearance, without maintenance.

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  • Rik Notkamp Rik Notkamp Accountmanager rnotkamp@webo.nl +31 (0)548 - 800 931
High-quality appearance, no maintenance

Wood can be combined wonderfully with other raw materials. Now we pack the benefits of wood and aluminum together. For example, the building has a warm look on the inside due to the wood and it has a sleek design on the outside.

Wooden frames with a beautiful aluminum exterior finish. These multidisciplinary window frames meet a changing market of energy-efficient and low-maintenance construction.

It’s all about your preferences! The glazing (HR ++ or triple glass), color, wood type (eg Larch, spruce, oak, Accoya®) , type of aluminum profile and the design of the frame can therefore be filled in according to your own preference.


Since the wood is only visible on the inside, many types of wood with a transparent finish can be used. In this way the warm appearance of the wood remains visible.

Spruce, Douglas fir, Larch, Beech, Accoya, Oak, Meranti, etc.

Ideal for high-rise buildings

Since the HoutAlu-Kozijn® requires no maintenance, it is ideal for high-rise projects

The high insulation values ​​of the wood, in combination with the weather-resistant aluminum, ensure a durable frame that keeps its appearance!

The smart thing about wood

By using responsible wood in combination with reducing aluminum, we contribute together to a better living environment. Wood is by nature circular and a smart storage of CO2. For example, the Circular-Frame® is available from WEBO.





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