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Timber Frame Elements

Ready for the future

Anyone who looks to the future knows that NZEB and Passive form the basis for this. Our HSB elements also fit into your base. Or go a step further and combine them with BENG and NOM Frames. Whatever you choose, you are always ready for the future.

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NZEB Element
Passive Element
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Ready for the future

WEBO produces timber frame elements for residential and non-residential construction projects at home and abroad. Transforming construction with prefab timber frame elements provides great benefits for both the builder and the user of the building: sustainable performance and a pleasant climate.

Thanks to an automated production process, WEBO is able to assemble timber frame construction elements at the construction site within a minimal lead time. With the NZEB and Passive elements you are ready for the future.


Working with BIM has now been the standard at WEBO for more than 10 years. Our modellers do not turn their backs on large and complex works in BIM. BIM is used from engineering to production, whereby our knowledge and directly controlled production process from the BIM model are unique and thus failure costs are reduced.

Building energy-neutral

Do you strive for minimal energy loss from the building? We have the solution for that. The HSB element can be fitted from the factory with NZEB or Passive window frames, for a complete Nearly Zero Energy or energy-neutral facade!

Meeting all requirements

With timber frame elements, heat is retained for longer by smart ventilation and construction. Because wood naturally has an insulating effect and WEBO has developed well thought-out insulation techniques, extremely high RC values ​​can be achieved with the timber frame elements.

Building within NZEB requirements is possible with the NZEB-Element, which has an RC value of 4.5 to 5.0. Do you have the ambition to build energy-neutral and do you also want to meet the Passive requirement? For this we have the Passive Element with an RC value of up to 8.0!

The smart thing of wood

By using responsible wood, we contribute to a better living environment. Wood is circular by nature and is a smart storage of CO2. For example, the Circular Element is available from WEBO.


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