Timber-frame elements

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Prefab timber-frame elements

Transformative construction using prefabricated timber-frame elements from WEBO has major advantages, both for the builder and for the building’s environment. Within a minimal amount of time, the building will be transformed into a living environment with a sustainable performance and a pleasant climate.

For housing corporations, architects and builders, using WEBO timber-frame elements has many benefits. For example, using timber-frame elements is cost effective because they shorten construction time, fit anywhere, can be delivered quickly, have high Rc values and offer excellent air and draught proofing.


The advantages of timber-frame elements

WEBO timber-frame elements are unique.

  • They can be customised ex-works with frames, which, in turn, can be fitted with glass and finished with a coating varnish of your choice.
  • WEBO has perfect detail solutions available, so there is no need for a long engineering process.
  • WEBO has many years of experience, knowledge and expertise with respect to the realisation of large and small construction and renovation projects.
  • WEBO has a good timber-frame solution for all Rc values. High Rc values of 7.5 are no problem at all.
  • BIM engineering is used in the entire process from engineering to manufacturing. Our knowledge and directly controlled production process based on the BIM model are unique.
  • Automation of the production process and working extremely efficiently has resulted in a dimensionally stable, fast and high production capacity at WEBO.



The timber-frame elements can meet very high airtightness qualifications, because they feature thermal insulation and film material. This prevents energy loss, condensation problems and unhealthy side effects. Based on the category, a Qv of 10/dm³ has been established, which can be realised with timber-frame elements of up to 0.15 Qv;10 dm³/s.

WEBO also has solutions for optimal draught proofing. The timber-frame element can be equipped ex-works with wooden frames, providing optimal draught proofing. In addition, intelligent engineering will ensure that the element can be properly connected to the hull construction and surrounding elements.

Increased Rc value

Timber-frame elements have better insulating properties than traditional walls, because the wood used for the load-bearing structure has a naturally insulating effect and because insulating materials are worked into the entire structure. This has the positive effect that Rc values can be reached from 4 to 7.5.

Timber-frame elements retain heat longer and when combined with smart ventilation systems and intelligent construction, this creates a pleasant living environment.