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Oak Frame

The choice of designers

Anyone who consciously chooses the power of wood will end up with oak frames. We know the sustainable value like no other. Architects believe in the robustness and aesthetics of the product. This way you choose the choice of designers.

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  • Rik Notkamp Rik Notkamp Accountmanager rnotkamp@webo.nl +31 (0)548 - 800 931
We have reinvented Oak

As inventors in the carpentry industry, we have taken up the challenge to make oak wood really widely applicable. Thanks to an extensive research project, WEBO is able to apply this luxury wood type for indoor and outdoor use.

Not only does the oak wood come from Europe, but it is also circular and sustainable!

Oak saves

For as much energy conservation in the building as possible, U-values ​​of up to 0.8 are also possible with the Oak Frames.

For every design challenge

With this luxurious type of wood we make the most special designs a reality. The Oak Frame is tailor-made, which is why frames and doors with large dimensions are also possible.

We have already started work for, among others, Stadhuiskwartier in Deventer and Gare Maritime in Brussels. To maintain the warm appearance of the oak wood, a transparent finish was chosen for these projects.

Het slimme van hout

By using responsible wood, we contribute to a better living environment. Wood is by nature circular and a smart storage of CO2. For example, the Circular Frame is available from WEBO.


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