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The 6 WEBO certainties


WEBO, inventors in the carpentry industry… what does that mean for you? Many things, of course. We’ll name the six most obvious benefits here, advantages that you can rely on:

  1. No-nonsense mentality
    You can always talk to us. Listening to each other is important. We are open to new ideas, in word and deed. That’s because we employ very experienced professionals as well as young talent, so that we remain accessible, competent and fresh. In our field of work, we encounter major contractors, small contractors and self-employed professionals without employees. We see opportunities and possibilities for all of them and can offer targeted solutions for their construction issues.
  2. Sustainable forest management
    Our frames and timber-frame elements are always made from PEFC™ and FSC®-certified wood. In other words, the frame or timber-frame element is part of a processing chain that includes sustainable forest management. At WEBO, sustainability is literally for the taking. It is up to you to actually use it.
  3. Together, we work on a better environment
    WEBO believes that if you build better, you live better. This is the idea behind everything we do and produce. By working on a better environment, we take care of people as well as the environment. We’d love to tell you more about the potential of circular construction.
  4. Process optimisation
    We provide dimensionally stable structures thanks to automated production processes and we have an exceptional amount of in-house knowledge about BIM. WEBO notices which processes don’t work, or which processes can be shortened, leading to a win-win situation. You’ll win as the construction partner, and we’ll win as your supplier.
  5. Production capacity
    Large orders in minimal time. We can do it, without loss of quality! WEBO has organised the company and its processes in a smart and streamlined way. Faster production, better dimensional stability… we have proven it before with extraordinary orders that were either very large in volume or large in number.
  6. Expertise
    Training, years of experience and a great team of (BIM) engineers. That is the foundation of the quality for which we stand. Our customers love our products because we listen to their needs and wishes before doing anything else. This includes the needs and wishes of the end user(s). The sooner we delve into the process, the more we can do for our customers. As early as the design phase, our expertise can play an important role in savings and high-quality performance.
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