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CSR – WEBO believes that if you build better, you live better. This is the idea behind everything we do and produce. By working on a better environment, we take care of people as well as the environment, which is why actually we put our CSR policies into practice and are always willing to explain them, if necessary.

Our approach

As inventors in the carpentry industry, we have a share in the sustainability of today and tomorrow. This is how we take full responsibility:

  • We lead the way in circular construction and similar programs. Choosing a path that, in our opinion, leads to the most sustainable results. An old building is not waste, but raw material, or rather, construction material for new developments.
  • We see risks as opportunities and continue where others quit or admit defeat.
  • We comply with and obtain FSC® and PEFC™ certification.
  • We anticipate carbon emissions by a building.
  • We work together with other parties along the entire chain, from supplier to end user.

By everyone, for everyone.

Just like everyone at WEBO is a bit of an inventor, all our employees wish to actively contribute to a better living environment. This gives our HR department the opportunity to help them all develop in their own way. Every employee contributes to the sustainability of our organisation directly, limiting the impact that we have on our environment via their own personal improvements.


As inventors in the carpentry industry, we see CSR as an opportunity in the widest sense of the word. We wish to offer a wide range of possibilities to the inventors of tomorrow, to make and keep their world as pleasant as possible. Knowledge, wisdom and innovation are our core principles. If we all have an eye for people, the environment and prosperity, we can guarantee a sustainable world for a long time to come.

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