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Meranti wood frames

Meranti wood is one of the most popular types of wood to produce wooden frames. This type of wood from Asia has a dark red or reddish-brown colour. It is relatively cheap compared to other hardwood and is listed in the KVT-Kwaliteit van Houten Gevelelementen  (“Quality of Wooden Façade Elements”). The colour of the wood is generally light to reddish brown and pale pink to pinkish red. WEBO mainly imports Meranti from West Malaysia. This wood type is known for its dark red colour and above-average quality. Meranti is categorised into durability class 2 and has a lifespan of 30 to 40 years.

Processing Meranti wood

Dried Meranti hardly expands or shrinks and therefore lends itself extremely well to being used in durable Meranti wood frames. Meranti frames must be painted every 5 years. When properly maintained, your frame will last for years. Meranti frames are available as exterior frames, interior frames, window frames and door frames.

Meranti frames FSC®

WEBO provides Meranti frames with FSC® certification, which shows that the wood for the frame was harvested in a sustainable manner.
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