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Bamboo frames

Bamboo wood belongs to the most durable wood species in the world. It grows very quickly, which means it can be harvested regularly. Within the space of six months, it can grow to a height of 35 metres above ground. After 4 to 5 years, bamboo reaches the right hardness to be harvested and processed into a frame. Since bamboo is naturally very strong, it can be used to manufacture frames as well as other construction materials. This grass is hard, durable, flexible and easy to process into a frame.



– Grows up to 10 times faster than other tropical hardwood species.
– Because bamboo naturally starts growing again, no planting is needed.
– Exterior influences have little effect on bamboo.
– Carbon-neutral building material.

Bamboo is a cheap, durable and climate-resistant construction material. Bamboo frames are categorised in durability class 1.

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