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Accoya frames

Accoya frames last a long, very long, time. This is due to the special, intensive treatment the wood has undergone, which makes the wood more durable to its very core. This makes Accoya wood easy to process, without losing the great properties of the material.

The excellent properties of Accoya wood frames

Accoya frames do not only last a long time, but they also have properties that are hard to find in other types of treated wood. For example, the wood is heat-insulating, retains its shape in all seasons, and is very low-maintenance. In addition, the trees from which this wood is sourced are sustainably managed and all Accoya frames are FSC®-certified.

Durable and maintenance-free

People often prefer to avoid using plastic frames, because they want preserve the authentic character of a home or another building, for instance. In those cases, Accoya frames are the perfect solution because:


In order to supply Accoya frames it is necessary to perform additional tests to check the technical aspects of the frame connection. WEBO has carried out these tests for you and can deliver Accoya frames with a KOMO certificate, a guarantee from the SGT (Foundation for Carpentry Warranties) and an FSC® certificate.

We can provide you with high-quality advice on the use of Accoya frames. Please feel free to contact us.

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