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Hopper windows

Wooden hopper windows

A hopper window is a window construction in which the hinges are attached to the sub-sill in such a way that the window tilts backwards and inwards when you open it. Hopper windows are often used in small dimensions to provide ventilation. Their convenient one-hand handle makes opening and closing the window very easy. Hopper windows can also be manufactured in large sizes to provide optimal ventilation for your building.

Options for hinges and locks include: window bolt, window latch, sliding hinge, drop hinge and window hook (for places that are hard to reach by hand). We provide different types of frames.

Hinges and locks for hopper windows

Traditional hopper windows have the following characteristics:

  • If you want the wooden hopper window to remain open, various options are available. You can choose a drop hinge, a sliding hinge, a window latch, or a hopper hinge. This lets you put the window in a certain position, to ventilate the area.
  • If the window has to be locked, you can use a window bolt or sigried bolt.
  • If the window is situated at a height, a window hook will be required to open the window. The hook can be used to open or close the window.

Please contact us for more information about hopper windows. We can help you with the technical aspects of wooden hopper windows.

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