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Timber-frame elements: modern construction

Timber-frame elements: modern construction.

Timber-framing is a high-quality construction method compared to traditional construction. Timber-frame elements are light, easy to use and sustainable. WEBO has many years of experience in building framework elements. We can even integrate frames to the elements. You can rely on our expertise for a complete product.


The history of frame construction starts around the middle ages, when it was mostly applied in wooded areas for the simple reason that a lot of raw material was available for frame construction elements. Today, timber-framing is applied all over the world because it is an easy construction method. At WEBO, we have further developed timber-frame elements into Scaffold free construction elements, for example. Scaffold free construction elements are essentially complete timber-frame elements, finished with a coating of your choice and even fitted with frames.


It goes without saying that we use BIM (Building Information Modelling) for frame construction engineering purposes. This gives a clear overview of the process, without too many obstacles, simplifying the entire construction process with timber-frame elements. You won’t need any labourers on the construction site, because everything is delivered ex-works. This makes timber-framing a very appealing construction method, and it’s also a very environmentally friendly method with low failure costs. Since it’s light, there is no need for a heavy foundation.

There are good examples of earthquake-resistant construction and inner-city construction with a fast turnaround time. These are very specific and complex circumstances, but there is generally a solution for everything with timber-framing. Curious to find out what we can do for you? Please contact us or find out more on the timber-frame elements page.

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