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Safety glass

Safety glass

If you use safety glass, also known as laminated safety glass, the glass will remain in one piece when it is broken. Since the glass remains in once piece, the broken glass will pose less of a danger to people, as they won’t hurt themselves on sharp, protruding shards of glass.

An additional advantage of safety glass is that it can help protect against burglars. Unwanted guests arriving with a sledgehammer or burner to enter the property will be slowed down by safety glass, with the film and interlayers protecting the glass against impact.

Safety glass and frames

WEBO can deliver complete frames and in principle they can be fitted with safety glass, if desired. It does depend, however, on where the frame with glass has to be installed. We certainly recommend the use of safety glass at locations that could be considered public spaces or when impact-resistant glass is needed to protect people from falling through the glass.

Which types of safety glass can be used in your frames?

The type of safety glass used depends on the situation. The glass can be burglar-resistant, impact-resistant and injury-safe. Burglar-resistant glass cannot easily be broken, and burglar-resistant glass of a certain strength cannot be broken at all, depending on which category you choose.

Impact-resistant glass can break but will not leave an opening. Of course, this is only applicable in case of rough and unnatural use. In these situations, it is important that the glass retains its function when deformed. Injury-safe glass will not have sharp shards when it’s broken. We supply injury-safe glass in accordance with NEN 3569.

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