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MORE-CONNECT (Horizon 2020)

MORE-CONNECT (Horizon 2020)

The European construction sector is currently unable to offer an integral solution enabling them to renovate buildings into nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEBs) at a reasonable cost. The construction process is typically based on a ‘layered’ structure, requiring a lot of manpower on the construction site, with many sub-disciplines, leading to extra costs and risks. Because of the lengthy renovation process and the fault risks during this process, customers are reluctant to renovate their buildings.

MORE-CONNECT aims to solve this problem by means of prefabricated, multifunctional renovation elements for the entire hull (façade and roof) and installation/construction services. These elements can be combined, selected and configured by end users on the basis of their specific needs. This information is used as input for the advanced Building Information Modelling (BIM) system, which is used to control and manage the rest of the production process of these elements. This is how a series of unique single products can be manufactured en masse for the same price as mass-produced products.

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