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Modular construction

Modular construction

Modular construction makes use of prefabricated modules that have been manufactured in a factory. In the factory, parts and raw materials are turned into an end product. Weather conditions have no effect on the production process, as it is fully industrialised, which means that construction needs never be interrupted. It also saves work on the construction site and ensures minimal nuisance for residents and the surrounding area, as well as reducing the environmental burden.

WEBO has come a long way in the development of modular construction and is now able to supply frames and timber-frame elements as complete products.

Specific advantages of modular construction:

·         Sustainable

Modular construction is more sustainable because it allows for improved product quality monitoring. In addition, modular construction lets core products be re-used, possibly after they have been updated in the factory. This trend is also called circular construction. Using and re-using building materials in a sustainable way reduces waste.

·         Time-saving

Moving the production and realisation of the building from the construction site to the factory can help save a lot of time. No more difficult work will be required on the construction site and the weather has no effect on construction progress

·         Less manpower required

It is well known that there is a shortage of craftsmen. Automated processes allow the same amount of work to be done by fewer people. Even if in a LEAN environment, attention to quality and detail is still important.

·         Cost-effective

Modular construction is cost-effective in comparison to traditional construction. By working smarter and using fewer people, costs can be reduced. Being careful with building materials results in less waste, so the same work can be done at lower costs.

Modular construction shortens the entire process and makes it much more efficient, preparing us for a future in which efficiency plays a key role.

WEBO and modular construction

Some years ago, WEBO decided to optimise its production process and invest in modular construction, as can be seen in Scaffold free construction and Choose-Your-Frame. Complete elements can be designed in accordance with the needs and demands of the customer and after arriving on the construction site, the elements are simply installed in the hull construction, optimising a significant part of the process. As a result, an entire home can be fitted with a new façade in only one day.

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