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Coating varnish

Coating varnish

Because they are given a layer of coating varnish during production, our frames are better protected from the start than they would be with a primer or pre-lacquer. Frames with a coating varnish can be selected in WEBO’s Concept III .

The system

WEBO uses an industrial application to produce frames with a coating varnish and the entire process is supervised by Drywood Coatings. This is done according to specific, project-dependent paint recommendations, which are then linked to a maintenance schedule and a warranty statement.

The final coating on these varnished frames is Drywood optifinish G70. After this coating has been applied, and the glass has been fitted, the frames are checked and re-processed where necessary. You can also choose to have the final coat applied with a brush.

Coating varnish and construction phase

During the construction phase, the outside of the frames is protected on the outside with film, which can be removed after the bricklaying process by pulling out a rubber string. The frames are protected with a cardboard corner to prevent the film from chafing the stiles. This corner also creates a tight seam between the masonry and the frame after it has been removed.

Coating varnish, the best solution for ready-made delivery. Coating varnish provides our frames with optimal protection the elements. Giving us this responsibility means you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

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