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Afzelia frames

Afzelia frames

Afzelia wood types are known for their excellent properties. Doussie is considered the best wood in the Afzelia family. This wood type hardly expands and shrinks. It is categorised in class 1, which means it’s very durable. Most Afzelia wood is obtained from Africa. The colour is partly determined by the area in which the tree grew. The wood can be orange-brown, yellow-brown, or reddish-brown. There is also an Asian Afzelia species that hardly shrinks and expands.

This type of wood is mentioned in the KVT guidelines that list wooden fa├žade elements which have received KOMO certification.
WEBO manufactures frames out of Afzelia wood. WEBO has been an expert in manufacturing wooden frames for over 40 years. It has an eye for durable wood types and certification in the field of sustainable forest management.

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