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Wood types durability class

The durability class of wood helps to select the wood type you wish to use. It is important to know that wood is divided into 5 durability classes, with class 1 being very durable and class 5 containing non-durable wood types. This ranking reflects how resistant the wood in question is to fungus. The heartwood in class 1, for instance, is naturally more resistant to weathering than a class-5 wood.

Popular wood types for frames

Hardwood and softwood timber can both be used to manufacture wooden frames. The terms hard and soft have nothing to do with the hardness of the wood: they describe the origin and structure of the wood. Wood from coniferous trees is called softwood and wood from deciduous trees is called hardwood.

The use of hardwood and softwood in frames:

Class Level of durability Wood type
1 Very durable Afzelia, Robinia, Iroko
2 Durable Mahogany, European Oak, Yew
3 Moderately durable Douglas
4 Not very durable American Oak, Pine, Spruce
5 Not durable Ash, Beech, Maple, Sugi

There are also treatments to make wood more durable, such as acetylation, which is used to create Accoya wood, for example.

Which wood is good for frames?

The term frame wood has a very wide definition, since almost all types of wood can be used to manufacture frames. It is up to you to decide which factors to consider when deciding on a type of wood for your frames. Frame wood includes all wood types that can be processed to manufacture frames. Among others, WEBO can process Iroko, Larch and Douglas to manufacture frames. Have you ever considered having your frames made of bamboo ?

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