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Rebated window with GU Uni-Jet fittings


All our inward-opening windows and inward-opening balcony and terrace doors are produced with a rebated system. This generally means that a tilt & turn system is used, although tilting systems or turn-only systems are also possible.

The tilt & turn system we usually apply is produced by G-U. We’d like to tell you more about it in this newsletter.

The G-U company

G-U has been studying how windows and doors open and close since 1907. G-U Is a renowned company with an extensive and diverse range of self-manufactured products. Its product range extends from tilt & turn systems, lift & slide systems, top-hung windows and multi-point locks to building management services.

Technical innovations and the ongoing development of fittings-related technology make G-U a market leader in the field of hinges and locks. G-U Currently employs over 3,800 people.

G-U and tilt & turn

G-U tilt & turn fittings are used worldwide because of their high and frequently tested quality. The Uni-Jet all-around lock is the standard version. Because this system consists of universal parts, it saves time during assembly and reduces inventory costs.



Uni-Jet fittings provide a tilt & turn system that meets the individual requirements of the window manufacturer and the end user with respect to comfort, safety, functionality and special solutions.

All locking points have a self-correcting UniNok. This ridge automatically adjusts to unwanted gaps and incorrect window tolerances. All adjustments are made with Torx, allowing for easier, more convenient, and more efficient.

The Uni-Jet all-around lock is available in standard and resistance class II. The safety classification is mainly determined on the basis of the various locking plates.

The integrated closing-protection ensures that the window remains open in the turned position, even in case of elevated wind pressure.

Hinge advantages: The 3D adjustment of the stay bearing and trunnions compensates for tolerance differences and ensures long-term functionality and proper closing of the window.



An extensive range of electronic monitoring systems that are used check whether a window is open or closed can be integrated in the Uni-Jet all-around lock. There is also a version with “concealed” hinge parts (Uni-Jet Concealed).


Surface treatment

There are two types of surface treatment.

How do tilt & turn fittings work?

Tilt & turn fittings consist of a front plate and an underlying control rod.

The front plate is purely intended to protect and mount the system. The control rod forms a chain that runs along the entire window, on which the ridges have been mounted. By turning the handle, the control rod is activated and sets the ridges into motion.

Once the ridges leave the locking plate, they release the window, so that it can be turned or tilted. The ridges require 12mm of clearance around the window to function properly.


It is essential to place and mount the element in the proper way. If there isn’t enough clearance, for instance, because the window wasn’t installed correctly or because the wrong kind of glass was used, it will be difficult or impossible to open or close the window. It is also important that no dirt or other obstacles fall into the element, as they prevent the fittings from functioning properly and will certainly cause damage.

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