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Timber-frame details

Timber-frame details

Timber-frame details are very important in the prefab process. As a specialist in timber-frame elements, we – WEBO – know all about that. Timber-framing is a construction method with many advantages, such as:

  • Light yet strong construction
  • Naturally heat-insulating
  • Fast construction time
  • High Rc value (>Rc8)
  • Flexible


Although our wooden inner shell elements and timber-frame elements are not part of the main architectural construction, they do require some work. For example, WEBO timber-frame elements are checked for strength, deformation, stability and wind loads.


If desired, WEBO can calculate the appropriate anchoring for you. Using the right timber-frame details and corresponding anchors, the elements will be properly fastened to the main construction. In most cases, the wind load is determinative for this calculation. We’d be happy to explain our click and tighten system to you in further detail.

Timber-frame details

Because of these advantages, timber-framing is now a widely used method. To ensure a smooth construction process, we have selected several timber-frame details for you. For more information about timber-frame details, pleaseĀ contact us.

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