Wooden frames

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Wooden frames

WEBO will get you wooden frames according to plan, in accordance with BIM. The wooden frames are produced according to your preferences, since your wish is our production plan. We’ll consult on the process and engineer the wooden frames in a sustainable way, just how you like them. The exclusive wooden frame can be created according to your wishes, using a range of selected wood types and designs. A frame can be designed to include special details or wood types such as Accoya, for example. In addition, wooden frames are cheaper and much more durable than plastic frames. Read more about the benefits here.

Sustainable and high-quality

WEBO delivers products that usually carry the KOMO quality mark and are certified by PEFC™ and FSC®, so sustainability and quality are guaranteed. The wooden frame also comes with a standard 6-year warranty from the SGT (Foundation for Carpentry Warranties); general terms and conditions apply). Furthermore, WEBO can guarantee the quality of its products because the automated, dimensionally stable process takes place in-house. In addition, WEBO has made it possible to recycle old frames and doors into new frames. Read more about on our news page.

Minimal turnaround time

WEBO has a broad-minded attitude and can handle large production runs in minimal turnaround time. This is possible because they are frontrunners when it comes to the production of industrial products. Wooden frames can be fitted with glass and finished with a coating varnish of your choice in the factory. WEBO can also assemble the wooden frames.

Wooden frames are easy to use as part of an industrial construction process. WEBO has already realised several projects with wooden frames for non-residential construction, building schools, hospitals, housing and apartment buildings. Based on your drawing, our work planning department will fill in all technical characteristics, such as the connection to the concrete or wooden frame element, ventilation and corner solutions.


One of WEBO’s qualities lies in the fact that WEBO uses BIM to work in an innovative manner. Drawing wooden frames in great detail using BIM helps prevent failure costs. BIM plays a big role within WEBO, which has many advantages. BIM can generate an overview of the complete supply process across the entire construction chain. BIM shortens the design cycle of the wooden frame and lets you keep an eye on the bigger picture. If approved, WEBO can produce the wooden frames directly from the BIM model. With WEBO, the BIM file does not need to be converted before it can be integrated into the production process with external programs, ensuring that all dimensions are always correct and providing quality assurance