Wood innovations

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Wood innovations

WEBO likes to deliver custom-made projects, because it lets us give our inventor’s mentality free rein. Complex structures, a preference for different wood types… That’s the kind of challenge we’re happy to tackle! We won’t just put our hands to work, but our minds as well. We’ll approach the challenge with the realisation of the entire façade in mind. After all, an architect wants the realisation to do justice to the design. Together with the contractor, we do everything we can to turn a beautiful picture into a real building.

We can also work as a knowledge partner, because of our engineering tactics. We see obstacles as opportunities and have successfully overcome them on several occasions in the past.

A wide range of combinations

Creativity is also required. We tend to go beyond existing frameworks when we explore the possibilities, so that we can respond to construction issues in a professional and carefully considered manner. We might suggest using wooden frames in combination with other materials, for example, or work on the technical realisation of a difficult façade filling project. Projects with a substantial degree of difficulty are little gems in WEBO’s view and, together with the architect and the contractor, we do everything we can to make them shine.

Wood-aluminium frames

One of these products is the wood-aluminium frame. Wood-aluminium frames by WEBO are the best of two worlds: a wooden framework, finished with an aluminium outer shell. The colour, wood type, profile type and frame design can be customised according to your wishes. Would you like to know more about wood-aluminium frames? Read more here.