Scaffold-free construction

  • Niek-Willem Oskam Rob Averdijk Technical Sales Engineer Scaffold-Free® Construction +31 (0)548 - 800 986

Scaffold free construction

By breaking through existing patterns and taking innovation as a starting point for change, Scaffold free construction aims to realise sustainable, high-quality, insulated and affordable façade solutions for residential and non-residential construction. By applying scaffold free construction, the construction process becomes an industrial process that is easier to manage and less dependent on weather conditions. Implementation with intelligently designed, proven details.

The advantages of Scaffold free construction are:

  • Complete façade system engineered, manufactured and assembled by WEBO
  • High quality, thanks to industrial production and conditioned manufacturing process under KOMO
  • No failure and coordination costs, completely controlled by WEBO
  • Very fast construction time with minimal nuisance and without expensive scaffolding, facilitating inner-city construction
  • High-quality insulation up to 8.0 Rc or higher, and draught proofing (Qv10 = 0.15)
  • Engineering in BIM
  • Lighter foundation and load-bearing structure required compared to traditional system, which reduces costs

Also, less need for work planning, engineering and control, since everything can be delivered ex-works.

High-quality insulation

With Scaffold free construction, the building is completely transformed and is given a new thermal shell. This is perfect for net-zero energy construction or renovation, which involves increasing the Rc value, with the possible outcome of lowering energy bills. The Rc value is based on the EPC value of the building, which is laid down in NEN 7120. Prefab Scaffold free elements feature maximum insulation and are highly draught-proof, thanks to the use of high-quality insulation materials, among other things.

Façade coating

Various finishes can be added to the Scaffold free, including mineral facing bricks, stucco or any other conceivable façade coating. Cornerstones, special stone sizes and all conceivable structures are among the possibilities. Mineral facing bricks are faithful reproductions of bricks and 95% sand, allowing for complex masonry connections without heavy façade-supporting constructions. Furthermore, the system is not sensitive to white deposits on the façade.

Realised projects

WEBO has already carried out many projects with the Scaffold free façade elements, including both residential and non-residential new construction and renovations in the form of low and high-rise buildings. The tallest project was no less than 40m high, but we accept projects up to 60 m.