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Looking for a ready-made frame that can also be customised? Choose-Your-Frame gets you high-quality wooden frames that can be fitted with glass and finished with a coating varnish of your choice. All at a competitive price. If you request a Choose-Your-Frame quotation, you will receive a competitively priced offer within just a few working days. Because of our optimised and automated process and sophisticated detailing, we can deliver wooden frames within 15 working days. During the process, you will always be assisted by a single expert contact person who will consult on the process and guide you through the detailing process.

Choose-Your-Frame eliminates tricky situations on the construction site. Generally speaking, for instance, you will not need a painter on the construction site to paint the wooden frames. If you wish, we can also take care of the glazing. After all, the frame can already be fitted with glass and a coating varnish. The Total Cost of Ownership will be reduced through the use of improved varnishing and painting methods, and the total turnaround time will be greatly reduced because the wooden frame can be delivered ex-works. You will not have to worry about installing it either: WEBO has a large number of experts who can do this for you.

 Fast delivery

The Choose-Your-Frame process is designed in such a way that engineering no longer needs to be part of the ordering process. You choose a modular system based on sophisticated detailing, which can be suited to your needs and wishes in many ways. Dimensions, colour and grids are determined on a modular basis in consultation with you, and the finishing can be performed according to your wishes. Your wishes are paramount to us and our years of experience and sophisticated detailing let us fulfil them all, within 15 working days.

 Wooden frames: an industrial process

Coordinating processes lets us manufacture wooden frames can be manufactured very quickly. Failure costs are reduced to a minimum by improved matching of supply and demand. Furthermore, because we use guidelines during the detailing process, there is no need for engineering, which is why we can offer the wooden frames at highly competitive prices. Choose-your-Frame has all the benefits of a complete industrial product. With Choose-your-Frame, we work in accordance with the KVT concept standards.

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