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All frames delivered by WEBO have undergone a pre-lacquer treatment. This means they are already reasonably well-protected against weather influences, but it is still important to store them under the right conditions.

Frames with a pre-lacquer layer can be stored on the construction site for 18 months. The frames must be covered with a coating varnish within those 18 months.

Pre-lacquer, the basic treatment given to all our frames

Before our frames leave the factory, they always undergo a pre-lacquer treatment.

Frames are still vulnerable after a layer of primer

After having been treated with pre-lacquer, the frames must still be handled carefully. When using temporary storage, in particular, you must ensure that the storage conditions are good. Make sure that the frames are properly covered, and that the area is ventilated.

If you do not want to take any risks when storing your frames, please contact WEBO for sound advice.


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