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Concept frames

Concept frames

You can choose from several packages when purchasing wooden frames. If you want a complete product, pick WEBO Concept III. If you want to fit the frame with glass and apply a coating varnish yourself, as well as installing the hinges and locks yourself, Concept I is better suited to your needs. WEBO is a flexible and we tailor our products to your wishes. Below, you will find an explanation of the principles underlying our standard concepts (Concept I, Concept II and Concept III). However, customised packages are always an option.

Click on the relevant concept for more product information.

 Concept IConcept IIConcept III
Protective filmxxx
Coating varnish  x
Hinges and locks xx
Assembly* xx
Glass  x


KVT frames

Everything that has to do with carpentry, must be done exactly right. This will help prevent problems in the future that no one wants to have to deal with, such as:

  • Unloading and storage
  • Mounting
  • Adding moisture-resistant coats
  • Placing glass
  • Linking frames
  • Wind and waterproofing

KVT frames create clarity

Although suppliers can often have their own, unique approach, this approach must be suitable for KVT frames. For example, with regard to unloading and storage, we recommend that the frames be delivered shortly before they have to be installed. If that is not possible, clear requirements must be in place for the storage of the woodwork. After all, wind and rain may reduce the quality of the frames.

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